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Meet Our Staff


Brian V., VP of Operations

   Brian V. is an invaluable member of our clinic staff, holding the position of VP of Operations, and serving as a dedicated registered nurse and paramedic. He is a jack of all trades and a MacGyver of sorts. With a career spanning back to 2012, Brian has garnered a wealth of experience across a diverse range of healthcare specialties. From the high-pressure environment of emergency medicine and trauma care to the intricate demands of critical care, research, education, and ambulatory care, Brian's expertise is both comprehensive and dynamic.

   Beyond his day-to-day responsibilities, Brian's commitment to his profession is evident through his passion for teaching and mentorship. He actively imparts his knowledge and wisdom to students and fellow nurses, contributing to the growth and development of the nursing field. Moreover, Brian's benevolence extends to his involvement with a charity medical clinic, where he selflessly volunteers his time to provide care to those in need.

   Always hungry for knowledge and eager to advance, Brian is currently pursuing his post-graduate Family Nurse Practitioner certificate, demonstrating his dedication to continuously expanding his skill set and making a greater impact in the realm of healthcare. Outside of his demanding professional pursuits, Brian finds solace in giving back to his community, exploring new adventures, and spending cherished moments with his loved ones.


Shirley K., Volunteer Receptionist

   Meet Shirley, the friendly face that greets you as you enter our clinic or call our phones. As our volunteer receptionist, Shirley brings a touch of Italian warmth and hospitality to our team. Drawing from her heritage, she infuses her interactions with a genuine and inviting spirit that immediately puts patients at ease.

   Beyond her role at the front desk, Shirley's persona is further enriched by her status as Michaela Klose's proud mother. Her nurturing instincts and caring nature are not only evident in her interactions with patients but also in the way she supports and uplifts her colleagues. With a knack for making everyone feel like family, Shirley's presence is a testament to the importance of compassion in healthcare.


Abby J., Phlebotomist

   Abby, our skilled phlebotomist, exudes a vibrant Latina energy that lights up our clinic. With precision and a steady hand, she expertly draws blood and ensures a seamless experience for our patients. Abby's dedication to her craft is matched only by her vivacious personality.

   Embracing her Latina heritage, Abby brings a special warmth and exuberance to her interactions. She understands the significance of building connections with patients beyond the clinical setting, and her ability to create a comfortable atmosphere is second to none. In her role, Abby exemplifies the importance of empathy and cultural sensitivity, which greatly contribute to our clinic's commitment to holistic patient care. She has a love for animals, and her home could be considered a miniature zoo with her four dogs and two cats.

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